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Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram
Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram

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A good DJ is always looking at the crowd, seeing what they’re like, seeing whether it’s working; communicating with them. Smiling at them. And a bad DJ is always looking down at what they’re doing all the time and just doing their thing that they practiced in their bedroom

Until House came along I don’t think the English made very good dance records, you know, there were very few really good English Rap records, whereas once House came along all of a sudden we started and now I think we probably lead the world, and have overtaken America in dance music.

In England, I’m this venerable old granddad, the one who always gets pissed at parties and puts a lampshade on his head.

I think English people were a lot better at breakdancing than they were at making records

try to make people smile and dance, not think about things or educate them

people don’t get a fair crack of the whip

I’m very superstitious…I never shout at magpies, walk under ladders or put my shoes on the table.

I make music for the hips, not the head

On top of the horror of separating from your wife, you have to go through it in public

I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure

a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs

I’m not a big fan of football records. I thought Three Lions was quite a good anthem and World In Motion was a good record, apart from the John Barnes rap.

I quit drinking two years ago, and that makes the whole DJ thing so much more manageable, and my life. Whereas before, I was always just kind of dragging myself up from some hotel room floor, whereas now I fly around the globe and give good parties, and I’m not focused on scraping up bits of myself off the floor.

Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram
Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram

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I am more popular there that I am in England. It’s an ongoing mutual love affair. I was gobsmacked. I went right to the other side if the world where I didn’t speak the language, and I played my tunes and they went, ‘We like this. We get this. We like you’.

They couldn’t do a drugs story on me because I’d already done one on myself.

I loved being able to enjoy the process and throw myself fully into it.

Money is replaceable, but culture and people’s lives aren’t.

I’ve been in a state of reflection, relaxation and family time, which although wasn’t overdue definitely wasn’t Underdue either.

Everyone thinks because I make sort of electronic sounding music I know how technology works, but I’m terrible and I try to keep it out of my life as much as possible. And so I’m not up with the technology of it all.

Weirdly, all this gave me the summer off I’ve always promised myself. That’s what I had to believe to get through the angst of not playing a gig every other weekend, which I’ve obviously been doing for the last 30 years.

Nowadays I don’t really let Fatboy Slim out of the box apart from when I’m on stage. As soon as I come off stage, he goes back in the box.

Half my friends are busier than ever and back at work, while the other half are starving and I’m kind of stuck in a limbo in the middle of not being able to work and finding other things to keep me busy. So it hasn’t been that productive but I’ve kind of tried to keep myself… just, in the moment.

My relationship with music is, it’s sort of the soundtrack to your life, like in a film soundtrack. I realized that so many of the songs just reminded me of a particular person or a particular night or a particular place.

I’m probably most proud of Right Here, Right Now, just because it can still conjure up emotions, all those years later. It still gives me goosebumps.

What I love about it is, most of the time you’re just thinking about tunes for that weekend – what’s new, or what’s coming out – but to just have time to wonder around your record collection soaking up all the memories. The most incredible thing was just the memories – each track.

Watching the whole culture of DJing change and become more important, and dance music in general not being just something that drunk people listen to at parties, you know to hear it on the radio… I’ve seen so much happening and I wouldn’t change any of that.

Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram
Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram

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It was good for the soul for me to take a summer off cause normally that’s my busiest time and I never have any time with my kids.

So, originally, it was self-preservation – I didn’t wanna take the irresponsible hedonist home with me. And now it’s more I have to make an effort to get into character, to be that person. It doesn’t take much though.

I’m probably one of the last generations which existed completely before computers, let alone social media. Either because of that or despite it I’m quite a Luddite.

Well, I didn’t get back to writing the difficult 7th album, I didn’t take up painting… I just sat here and played with my kids. I mean I did the lockdown mixes every Friday for the first 20 weeks, and that kind of kept me sane, but apart from that I just took the time to be the dad I’m not always present enough to be.

I won’t embarrass anyone by naming them but a lot of DJs have come up to me and said: ‘You’re the reason I began DJing’. Every time I hear that I get a little notch on my post – like another soul is mine.

I’ve had a puzzle on the go pretty much permanently for the last 3 months.

In my drinking days it was a question of survival – you have to be able to switch off that persona… you know to function as a human being you have to be able to switch it on and off. Then when I got sober it was like I can’t be Norman on stage, like Norman is way too dull to be a performer.

Fatboy Slim just can’t be arsed cause it’s not very fun making music on computers – it was much more fun when you were just staying up all night and abusing vintage drum machines.

I don’t think we would have survived lockdown without the internet, as it is. Without Zoom, I think a lot of us would have suffered a lot more. I’m trying to think about what state we were in 20 years ago.

I appreciate it more in terms of just realizing how lucky I am to be in this business, to be in this cultural arena where what we do lifts people and helps people.

But really I had to just take it on the chin and accept that, under no illusions do I work in a business that’s going to put back in place quickly or with any kind of priority.

I got really homesick for Glastonbury and that was the only time when I really really missed what I would have been doing at that time.

He’d be a nightmare. Fatboy Slim’s an irresponsible fucking lunatic – you can’t be him during the week, and definitely not as a father.

Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram
Fatboy Slim Quotes Captions For Instagram

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It was strange, don’t get me wrong, but I mean I’m kind of lucky that I’m down in Brighton and I have my kids around me so I had plenty to do – and I’m lucky enough that I don’t live hand to mouth so I can afford to take a bit of time off.

Norman’s far too frail of ego to put something out under his own name – he would worry about what people thought of him, whether he’s too old. Norm would worry about that.

The only time I’ve ever felt patriotic was the Olympic closing ceremony – we managed to put on a good Olympics, we didn’t cock that one up. We won a couple of medals and to play that ceremony, it was honestly the first time I felt proud – I had this feeling in my chest and it took me a while to realize what it was. Patriotism.

jigsaw puzzles and kids. Two 10 year-olds and an 18-year-old never let you feel too bored.

I basically learnt it’s okay to just go to bed at 4 o’clock in the morning. What’s harder is thinking your night starts when work ends at 4 am – and then being faced with an early flight the next day. So, no, I don’t miss it, it’s quite manageable. But I mean tons of performers do it, tons of people. When you meet them they’re not that person and simply couldn’t be that person for 7 days a week.

Buy Back to Mine, sit down with five of your closest and oldest friends, get really high, and cuddle each other and talk bobbins. That’s the thing we’ll never be able to recreate on Zoom: listening to a CD with your best mates, getting on it, and chatting shit about life and love. Just think about 10 different ways you can tell them how much you love them. That’s what really matters.

A sporting event. It still gives me goosebumps and I’m not supposed to get goosebumps from my own tunes in the first place, let alone 12 years later. So that’s the one I’m most proud of.

To be honest, a lot of people were just scrabbling round going: ‘Ah I’m gonna do this now, I’m gonna take up painting.’ I kind of went the other way – I was a bit like a rabbit caught in headlights.

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