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Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram
Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram

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I liked what I saw from Donell, … He’s versatile, he’s a very good defender and he can do a lot of the things we ask our guards to do. You’re always looking to develop a young player with those kinds of skills.

I think we might spend it on a holiday together. If Paul came and changed the front wheels of an F1 car I can’t imagine seeing an invoice from him.

He just said, ‘OK, Coach,’ and that was the extent of it. It was a very brief conversation, and he was agreeable. I’m sure he’s going to be professional. He’s always played well under these circumstances. He’s always responded the right way on the floor.

The thing that stood out to me is that Andray seems to have an excellent feel for the game, … He passes well, he defends well, he can step out and shoot the ball. He competes on the glass. He doesn’t back down on the defensive end. Those are the kinds of things you like to see from a young player getting his first taste of competition at this level.

We had to make a decision on the playing time with Chucky and A.D.. Each one of them gave us something that the other didn’t. In the end, Chucky thought it would be better for him professionally — and it was mutual — if he could buy out his contract and play somewhere else.

Their bench really did a good job, especially Derek Anderson. We didn’t have anybody to really counter him. Gilbert did a terrific job, Antonio did a terrific job, we just didn’t have that third, fourth scorer for us.

We are defensively challenged, and we’ve got to continue to work at it. We’ve got to step our games up. No question about that.

It’s a fragile, sensitive league, but it’s not going to make or break the season.

Either he’s going to be in uniform doing some damage or he’s going to be on the sidelines calling out our plays like he did when we played them in the preseason, … I’m hoping that he’s not anywhere to be seen. He’s a heck of a player and I hope that he takes another day off.

Ralph is going to stay in the hospital for 24 hours for observation. That is perfectly routine. Professor Watkins, the FIA medical delegate, reported that Ralph made a very quick recovery.

The .500 mark may be a big issue when you guys talk about it to our guys. But we’ve got a ways to go. We are improving, and we have to keep it going. Whether we are 10 games over or 10 games under, it’s still the same mind-set go to work, go to practice and continue to improve in every area.

We said it in pre-game that even though they’ve been down and we’ve been doing pretty good, the way they are now is how we were at one point. Just one win gets it going and we were very aware that they could get it going.

We hope that the next few days will help him.

Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram
Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram

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We have a plan as far as getting him some games down there, getting him back up here for some practice time and probably activate him for a game somewhere along the line, … It’s a development thing for him.

It violates every code of morality and it is against the law. People who engage in this kind of criminal conduct should be severely punished.

We have a new team and we’re trying to develop some chemistry, … It’s hard to come by right now. Gilbert’s been out for a while. We need our top end guys to play together to get some rhythm. That hasn’t happened yet.

Two different teams — us. We were on top of things in Utah. We played 48 minutes of concentrated basketball. Here was just the opposite. I hope it’s just a one-time thing. I’m searching for answers when guys don’t play well I’m trying to find the right mix. It just didn’t work out today.

Larry is having an exceptional year and this is a difficult loss for our team. We certainly feel for Larry, who has played a big part in our team’s success. We have confidence in our team to overcome a setback like this.

We’ll get a day’s rest and close to a full day on Monday and then show up for a 7 o’clock game in Philadelphia. And then we can suck it up. That’s what playing big-time basketball is about.

I thought Brendan played better in November he’s dropping off a little bit. We need Brendan to come back and play at a high level for us. I just don’t have an answer why there is some slippage there.

We played hard, but they played harder. They made plays and we couldn’t make plays at the offensive end. I thought we competed very hard, but we couldn’t keep up with their offense.

After playing a good first half, we gave up 61 points in the second half. We gave ourselves a chance, and they hit a tough shot at the end. The credit goes to them. They really brought it to us in the second half.

I think police officers are using common sense in making arrests. A person taking water would be a certain kind of situation versus a person taking a big screen television.

I believe the idea of Michael starting his own team is being discussed and I can see him doing it.

Maybe [Heat assistant coach] Ron Rothstein has a voodoo doll. But I’m proud of my guys. I’m proud of the way we performed and competed. If we continue to play like that we are going to be a good team to the finish of the season.

It is the time of year for our veterans and guys who have been to the playoffs to step up for us. Antonio has done that.

Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram
Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram

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This is the time of year for veterans. Guys like Antonio who’ve been to the playoffs. This is when you expect to see them come to the front.

I tell you what, Toronto’s got a scrappy, young team, … They kicked our butts on the boards early in the game and they just keep coming at you. The young guys really give them a spark and I didn’t think Graham was going to miss at first and then they just started hurting us on the boards. It’s a good scrappy team and we were lucky to get out of it with the win.

Coming into this game, we talked about being more energized, more enthusiastic and have more camaraderie, and that was the most important thing. All the things we didn’t see in the first game — outside of the stats — we just didn’t have enough energy and enthusiasm. We didn’t have that and that is the stuff that is going to get you out of a lot of bad situations and put you in a good one.

That’s when he hurts you. He can shoot the three off the pick and roll, which a lot of guys don’t do. And then there’s the occasional catch and shoot.

We played a very good team. They are a team we would like to model ourselves after. … They beat Detroit twice, and that was no fluke.

They went to a different level in the fourth quarter, and that’s what the best teams do. Wade played well, and we tried to match his pace.

This was obviously a very tough loss for us. We fought hard and defended the last play as best as we could. At the same time we didn’t some stops and missed a few rebounds, which cost us.

It’s talent, toughness, experience and character. We’ve added two players that give us all those qualities. The heart is bigger than the man sometimes. That’s what we have. We think that’s going to take us to another level.

I’m a gambling man and would have a punt on Bernie,

We’re not going out there playing a 50-win Seattle team of last year.

Redd] was hitting shots and he didn’t even need to look at the basket it seemed. We had to switch out on him and get him off of his rhythm. Once we did, it worked out OK.

That’s just what the best teams do, they went to a different level. I thought our guys competed, but right now they’re just better than us.

We had positive energy. We’ve never wavered in confidence with each other or for each other.

Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram
Eddie Jordan Quotes Captions For Instagram

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With Brendan Haywood back there, we did a good job at the rim, … What I want is for us to do a better job of cutting off penetration. We were able to get a lot of steals playing the passing lanes and that’s good, but we can’t allow guys to just blow by us and get into the paint. That’s where we were hurt a lot of times defensively.

We kind of rode his coattails, … He carried us. We went from a tie game to up 11 because he got going. Now, they hang on to him and say, ‘Thanks Gil.’ We should play with poise we’ve got veterans now with playoff experience. And that should help us in back-to-back games. We’ve got a good mix of scorers and defenders. And we’ve got a guy who can make everybody better. When that thing got real tight tonight, it was, ‘Thanks Gil.’

Mike Miller just hit some impossible shots. I mean, some of them were indefensible from where I was standing. He made great shots, and they turned up their defense on us.

Andray has a good feel for the game, he’s got really good skills but he’s also young and a lot of patience is going to be involved, … He has a big upside, I believe.

Guys made their minds up that they were going to trust each other tonight.

I’ve been very fortunate to coach a guy like Gilbert. His growth and maturity has improved tremendously since his first season. He cares about the team. He cares about winning. He’s a tremendous talent and he’s only 24.

We started out as if we were on a qualifying lap but got a puncture near the end.

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