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John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram
John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram

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The greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge.

If you want to see an endangered species, get up and look in the mirror.

Twentieth century man must boldly reach out… And purposefully strive to discover the hidden secrets of our universe.

The human race is at war. Our biggest enemy, pure and simple, is ignorance.

The moon is a very nice place. When we landed, we were 20 minutes behind. Because time on the Moon was so precious, what I remember most is trying to catch up.

There’s always something to do in the space program. It’s so varied. You don’t do the same thing twice in any given moment of any day.

We’ve learned a great deal. And that’s why you fly a test flight, so you can learn.

We need to be smarter. We are very ignorant about things that go on in our solar system.

Humans are actually far more likely to get taken out by an impact event or a supervolcano than we are to get killed in a crash of a commercial airliner.

Buzz Aldrin, the lunar module pilot, was another sort of man altogether. A lot of the guys didn’t care much for Buzz personally. He got on people’s nerves and seemed to have an inordinate fascination with his own ideas and abilities. Frank Borman had made it clear to pretty much everyone that he didn’t want Buzz on any of his crews. No doubt Buzz was a smart guy, with a doctorate in space rendezvous from MIT, but he thought he was smarter than he really was.

The answer was a big NO! In zero gravity, as soon as we touched a tile, we found ourselves being pushed away. Without a suitably positioned restraint system, we could not work to fix the damage. We would have damaged more tiles than we fixed. I asked that we not haul the MMU on the STS-1 mission, because it could not have helped us do tile repairs.

One thing really pissed us off during the flight. On the next to last day of the mission, the Soviets shot a laser at Challenger, tracking it. Though it was a low-powered laser, it was still enough to cause a malfunction of onboard equipment and temporarily blind the crew. The U.S. government made a formal diplomatic protest. The message was not as terse as the one I would have sent.

A Thiokol engineer by the name of Roger Boisjoly had been recommending for some time that the seal not be flown in cold temperatures because of its lack of resiliency. But Boisjoly was ignored.

John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram
John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram

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One curious thing about Apollo 11: while it was happening, no one knew for sure exactly where Eagle had actually landed!

In a nutshell, Columbia experienced two failed computers, one of which we restored only to have it fail again at landing. The cause of one of the failures turned out to be a sliver of solder eleven-thousandths of an inch thick that became dislodged when the thrusters were fired, shorting out the CPU board. During the postflight debriefing, I remarked about this incident, Had we activated the backup flight software when the problem first emerged, loss of vehicle and crew would have resulted.

As suggested earlier, postflight investigation found that the computer failures had been caused by particles in the GPC amplifiers. The general-purpose computers had not been given the normal zero-gravity particle impact noise detection tests. So, again, we were lucky that the computers did not totally fail. If GPC 2 had failed during entry and we had used the recommended procedures to fix it, we would have lost flight control of the orbiter. That would have been very bad for us.

Columbia got into orbit without any trouble, docked on schedule with the ISS, and successfully completed a multidisciplinary microgravity and Earth science research mission lasting more than two weeks.

Aware of the new technologies that were out there, I also recommended the use of laptop computers for flight crew management and control. The use of the on-orbit displays and controls made possible through the laptop, when ultimately instituted, has since paid for itself many times over. I also recommended we use offline computers such as ThinkPads to aid the shuttle during ascent and entry so that we could freeze the guidance, control, and navigation software if necessary. That idea too was rejected. To those who regularly turned me down, I always asked, So, do you have a better idea? This time around I asked thirty-two folks, none of whom returned a single suggestion.

A mathematical science is any body of propositions which is capable of an abstract formulation and arrangement in such a way that every proposition of the set after a certain one is a formal logical consequence of some or all the preceding propositions. Mathematics consists of all such mathematical sciences.

Anyone who sits on top of the largest hydrogen-oxygen fueled system in the world; knowing they’re going to light the bottom, and doesn’t get a little worried, does not fully understand the situation.

My grandpa taught me how to read. I read the encyclopedia when I was five.

My heart rate wasn’t as high as his [Robert Crippen], because I’m so dang old and it just wouldn’t go any faster.

One-sixth gravity on the surface of the moon is just delightful. It’s not like being in zero gravity, you know. You can drop a pencil in zero gravity and look for it for three days. In one-sixth gravity, you just look down and there it is.

Our ability to live and work on other places in the solar system will end up giving us the science and technology that we need to save the species. I’m talking about human beings. I’d hate to miss all that fun.

The development of abstract methods during the past few years has given mathematics a new and vital principle which furnishes the most powerful instrument for exhibiting the essential unity of all its branches.

There’s no question in my mind that the capability of [the space shuttle] to put 65,000 pounds in low earth orbit–to put payloads up there cheaper than we’ve been able to do it before, not having to throw away the booster–will absolutely revolutionize the way we do business here on earth in ways that we just can’t imagine. It will help develop science and technology. With the space shuttle–when we get it operational–we’ll be able to do in 5 or 10 years what it would take us 20 to 30 years to do otherwise in science and technology development.

John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram
John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram

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When the president said, We’re going to send a man to the moon and return him safely, the safe part sounded pretty good. But they were using hydrogen, and the only thing I knew about hydrogen was that they used it with the Hindenburg, and that didn’t work out too good.

We’re going to check this out at all of our sites. We are taking it very seriously.

Most people I’ve told about this think it’s great. They really want to latch on to a good cause, … But some of them say, ‘Why do you have to hike the Grand Canyon ?’

I didn’t want people being trapped in Jefferson Parish without these services.

I was scared. I thought we had no engine.

I don’t feel a sense of personal failure. If there is a sense of failure, it’s that I let the people who invested in me, who invested in this campaign down.

I think everybody who wants to go has been evacuated,

Our principal strategy is to build on the borough’s strengths, … We really believe that this will help make Queens an overall better place to live, to work, to visit.

Virtually every human being in the country has benefited from animal research.

We’re really on the horns of a dilemma, … And it seems to me that the levee needs to be preserved until … everybody sits down together and comes up with a global solution to this problem.

Where else can you strip down a car, plow it into other cars driven by people you don’t even know, and not get a ticket? … It’s just fun.

Today we are announcing the selection of Lockheed Martin, … This effort will deliver a new helicopter that provides essential improvement in the range, speed, communications capability and survivability necessary to efficiently and securely transport the president of the United States.

We like the organic market and the organic market for olives at the present time has given us a great opportunity.

John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram
John Young Quotes Captions For Instagram

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We are working throughout the borough with the community, with elected officials, and civic organizations to foster economic growth as well as support the creation of attractive and affordable housing to neighborhoods and provide the city’s largest borough with an even better future.

There can be stresses. ‘I don’t want to see the look of disappointment in my children’s faces. Is it my fault?’ The sense that I’m failing my wife, my children.

You get the family together that hasn’t been together and there’s drinking. Tempers can flair and old issues can come to the surface – old grievances, old axes-to-grind.

Exploring space is a hazardous line of work, always has been and always will be. But if you’re going to make progress in aerospace, you’ve got to accept some risk.

This is a beautiful site on the water. It’s the perfect spot for a car show.

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