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Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram
Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

Trending Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

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But know this: as far as a music culture goes, EDM is the one who will accept the kids on the outliers, the ones who get bullied, the ones who feel like they may not quite fit in. This community is exceptional in its ability to bond all types together, and I am not exaggerating when I say it saves lives. Our audience is intelligent and kind, discriminating only in regards to which sound they like best. Our audience is unprecedented in their drive to proactively support each other.

You and I could paint the sky together. As the world goes by, we’ll go on forever.

Copyright law is a dinosaur, ill-suited for the landscape of today’s media.

I think rap music has made more money on dance music than dance music has made on dance music. Just a thought.

I donâ ™t need the factory behind me. I just need help getting my music heard.

Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.

It’s impossible to recreate music from the past. Music always states the truth.

The producers and writers of dance music are becoming the stars, not so much the DJs.

Dance music will always be around. People around the world love to dance.

Listening to music is such an uplifting, spiritual thing. Its far-fetched to some – I understand that. But the way dance music brings people together, its not a big stretch from hymns.

A lot of people see electronic music as a flavor of the week, but it can be more than that – has to be more than that.

It’s an honor for me to close out Mysteryland. In American music history this is hallowed ground. I think electronic music has a lot in common with the spirit of rock and roll and what Woodstock had going on at the time. We are kind of the new kids on the block and this music isn’t accepted by everyone so we are still kind of getting into pop culture and I think its appropriate that this festival is here and kicking down the door.

I remember last time I played Nocturnal Wonderland I dropped that ‘Move 4 First Aid’ mashup and people ripping their hair out… crazy night.

Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram
Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

New Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

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Music is not disposable, people. We can twist it, sample it, mash it and experience it in endless ways. Open up.

You don’t have to move on to let go.

With every show I go out and do, I’m trying to change peoples’ lives. I’m trying to make a huge moment and give them something that they’ll remember forever. I know that’s crazy to say after I’ve played maybe 5,000 shows in my life, but really that’s what it is. Leaving it all out on the dance floor and giving people something spectacular to remember.

Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.

It’s impossible to overstate how important social media has been to me and the development of my career. The fact that I can go and play venues that hold 25,000 people and sell them out is crazy.I don’t have music on the radio. I’m not a pop culture icon. I’m just this kid making dance music. And yet I still can sell out massive arenas. It’s truly incredible, and I think a lot of that is because of social media.

At the beginning of my career, I saw an opportunity to forge new ground and focus on songwriting. Not many people were doing that at the time. Pretty much nobody. I thought I could write some really cool songs that would rise above all these dozens of genres that exist within dance music. I’d make it more about the songs. For the last 20 years, I’ve been sharing stories of my life through music. I’ve been writing songs about my life.

I’m constantly looking for new things to do whether that’s in the studio, trying to keep production fresh, or it’s going out on the road. It’s not the best for business. My team sometimes wants to beat me. But that’s what keeps it fresh and keeps me inspired.

I knew it straight away when Twitter first came around, and also Facebook, where it was so easy to post, that this was another way to speak directly with people listening to my music. If they found my music and they like it, most likely they want to hear more from me and hear what I’m about. I’ve put an enormous amount of time into that and it’s played out well for me.

I think how Chicago plays a role in my life – it had such a role in my youth and the decisions that I made as a kid and formulated who I am as an artist early on.

I DJ’d for years. I DJ’d in high school, and I think my parents thought it was a passing thing. And then when I was in my second year of college, I was like, ‘Yeah, you guys don’t need to send me money anymore. My DJ gigs are good enough. I’m selling music; I think I’m gonna have a record deal. I can pay my tuition.’

People know my lyrics; they know the stuff I’ve written, and it’s all about life, love, happiness, and these big euphoric moments. It would always bug me when I’d go to a club, and they’re playing some chick on a stripper pole on the monitor behind me. I’m like, ‘So that’s not what I do – that’s the other guy.’

I have really fond memories of growing up in Chicago, and I always love going back. I still have a lot of really good friends from high school that I go to dinner with. It’s kind of become a tradition when I go out there to do a show to give a few friends a call, tell some funny stories about high school and walk down memory lane.

It’s interesting: in the late ’80s, there was this really random mix of new wave, industrial, and these early house records. And a lot of it was coming out of Chicago because of Wax Trax! So I always visited Wax Trax Records.

Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram
Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

Amazing Kaskade Quotes Captions For Instagram

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People don’t listen to terrestrial radio. They don’t find their music that way. They don’t get their news that way. They go to blogs. They go through Sirius/XM. They go through all these different places.

I studied communications, only because I could get my own show on the campus radio station. I never thought of it as a career. Music was always a really passionate hobby – it was like collecting DVDs or stamps.

When I graduated college, I had a fairly successful weekly club gig and was buying more studio equipment and writing my own music. I realized I didn’t want to work.

I’m not the best singer in the world, but the albums have always been personal. They’re stories about me and what I’m going through.

Once I wrote ‘Atmosphere,’ I thought, ‘This is my story; it’s me and my life and what I’ve gone through to get to where I am.’ I’m not the best singer, but still. All of my albums are personal, but putting myself out there and singing is one more thing that makes me vulnerable – one more thing that people can fire shots at.

I’ve always been a big advocate of making shows affordable because a lot of these bottle-service clubs and events are geared toward really expensive experiences. Club music is for everyone, and it drives me crazy that people are getting priced out.

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